McGee is the main protagonist and is one of the main characters of Camp Lakebottom. His nemesis is his spoiled and rude sister, Suzi and his arch-enemy, Jordan Buttsquat from Camp Sunnysmiles.


McGee is one of the main characters of Camp Lakebottom. Even though Gretchen and Squirt are his closest friends, McGee your typical, yet resourceful easy going, life-is-a-sundae-with-a-cherry-on-top kind of kid; blessed with an uncanny level of self confidence, constantly on the search for fun, and completely void of the "planning ahead" gene. McGee never shies away from a challenge, most of which he's wholly unequipped for, with a positive "can-do-because-I-haven't-really-thought-it-through" attitude. McGee's constant obsession is pulling pranks on the camp across the lake, Camp Sunny Smiles, and his arch nemesis Buttsquat. All while chilling with his amazing pals at the spookiest most awesome camp EVER!


  • McGee is similar to Yang from Yin Yang Yo! because they are both fun loving, both comical and are both voiced by Scott McCord.

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