Max beginning his journey

Max is the main protagonist of the Belgian animated movie Max & Co.

Max & Co.

Fifteen-year-old Max is on a trip to St. Hilary in France to look for his estranged father, Johnny, who helps him sign up to be a musician. He makes friends with a merchant and volunteers at the flyswatter factory Bzzz & Co., aided by the town schoolteacher, Madame Doudou. Max realizes that with the evil Rodolfo in power, people are getting booted out of the factory and he realizes he isn't wanted, so he decides to leave town. Fortunately, he is aided by the beautiful and strong-willed street girl Felicie and the feline singer Cathy, who aid him on his journey. Max realizes that Johnny is his father. The two of them and the townspeople, after a while, work together to free St. Hilary from Rodolfo's wicked plot, saving the entire business.


  • Max is voiced by Lorand Deutsch.
  • His personality is reminiscent of Rodney Copperbottom.
  • Max is one out of many animated heroes to be a fox.


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