Masked Rider Warriors
The previous Edenoi champions who used the powers of the Masked Rider, summoned through time to help Dex battle the super-monster Bruticon. Their varied appearances suggest the Masked Rider armor somehow changes with each user.

Two additional Masked Rider Warriors appeared but were not named. One looked like the Warrior Leader, but had red gloves and boots (Kamen Rider 2). The other had an interchangeable arm weapon and wore a blue helmet that exposed the lower half of his face (Riderman) The reason for the mix-up of their various names was because the names of these two were omitted, and then the names were read off in chronoligcal order, not with regard to the order the Riders appeared onscreen.

  • Masked Rider Warrior Leader: Wore a black bodysuit, green armor, silver gloves and boots, and a red scarf. This was Kamen Rider 1.
  • Masked Rider Warrior Commander: Had a green costume, a red helmet with green eyes, and a "V" on his Accelerator. This was Kamen Rider V3.
  • Masked Rider V3: Wore a gray suit with a large "X" on his chest. This was Kamen Rider X.
  • Riderman: Looked more a red/green lizard than grasshopper. This was Kamen Rider Amazon.
  • Masked Rider X: His helmet had large green eyes, and he wore red armor over into his gloves. His arsenal included a dimensional warp which he used to retreat the black bodysuit, and a big "S" on his chest (which is strange, considering his name). This was Kamen Rider Stronger.
  • Masked Rider Amazon: A green-and-brown Rider with the ability to fly (but was never seen flying onscreen). This was Skyrider.
  • Strongman: Wore a black-and-silver costume, and had special abilities built Warriors from battle. This was Kamen Rider Super-1.
  • Masked Rider Z-Cross: A warrior in red-and-silver armor. This was Kamen Rider ZX (the only Rider whose name was not mixed up in the show, as his name is pronounced as "Z-Cross" in Japan as well).

See also

  • Ten veteran Kamen Riders, their counterparts from Kamen Rider Black RX and the Kamen Rider series the individual riders originated from

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