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Character main Mary Katherine

Full Name

Mary Katherine Bomba




Epic (2013)


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Powers / Skills

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to return the Pod to the Leafman and become human sized again.

Type of Hero

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Mary Katherine (or MK for short) is the main protagonist of the 2013 Blue Sky Studios film Epic. She is voiced by Amanda Seyfried who also played Anita Lesnicki and Karen Smith.

She is Nod's love interest and soon becomes his girlfriend at the end of Epic.

MK is fun, kind, adventurous, sarcastic, resourceful, and loyal.


MK is the 17-year-old daughter of the crazy scientist Professor Bomba, who is studying a group of little people called the Leaf Men who protect the forest. Both of them are struggling to understand each other. When MKs dog, Ozzy, rushes into the woods, she discovers one of the Leaf Men and shrinks down to their size. It is up to MK to defend the magical land - and her estranged father - from an army of troll-like, decay-spreading monsters known as the Boggans led by Mandrake. She teams up with Nod, the spirited warrior, the gangster-like toad; Mub and Grub, the hilarious slug and snail, the courageous General Ronin, the wise Queen Tara, and the scroll-keeper Nim Galuu.


  • Mary Katherine is probably named after William Joyce's late daughter, who died of a brain tumor in 2010 at the premature age of 18.
  • Her Japanese-dub portrayer, Ayahi Takagaki, also played Chris Yukine from Symphogear series.

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