Marlena Diamond is one of the main characters in Cloverfield. She is a good friend of Lily, and, during Rob's going-away party, is seen mostly avoiding Hud during the party while he tries unsuccessfully to flirt with her. When the monster attacks, she catches a glimpse of the monster and tells the others that it was eating people. When they retreat to the subway en route to save Beth, the parasites from the monster attack the group. Hud nearly dies in the encounter, but Marlena saves him at the cost of being severely bitten. While tending to her wounds, she and Hud share an intimate moment, during which she seems to warm up to him. After finding their way into one of the field hospitals near the subway, a corpse is seen being carted away; the corpse’s stomach and chest regions having apparently exploded due to 'a bite' leaving a gruesome, gory cavity that is shortly caught on film by Hud. Shorty after this, Marlena starts to bleed from her eyes, nose, and mouth, having stated she "doesn't feel so good". She is hastily escorted against her will by men into a sterile room while crying out for Hud. She dies after her abdomen rapidly inflates and explodes, though it is never explained what caused this, but it could have been the parasite's bite.

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