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It's-a-me! Mario!
~ Mario
~ Mario to Jeffy

Mario is the main protagonist in the SuperMarioLogan series and the secondary antagonist in Toad's Mistake. He is known to be kind and sometimes loses his temper if someone pushed him too far. He is based off the Nintendo character with the same name.


Early life

Mario was raised by Bowser's mother Margaret along with Luigi. Also, Margaret always locked her son in a cage.

HighSchool Mario

Mario in the high school yearbook of 1985.

In 1985, Mario attended a high school along with Bowser, where he fell in love and dated a girl named Princess Peach, making Bowser mad. He graduated and married Peach.

Mario always had to save Peach from Bowser, usually with his brother Luigi, until the SML era. At some point, he bought a house, and invented his friends with him.

Houses he lived in

When he formerly owned a house, he lived with Black Yoshi, Shrek, Mama Luigi (before he died), Woody, Tony the Tiger, Mr. Pig, Toad, and the Angry Birds until he kicked them out.

He later lived in an apartment in 2015, but then lived in a new house in October 2016 after Wendy one of the Koopalings cut the couch in half with a chainsaw. 


Mario is nice and responsible, but he can be angry with Jeffy due to his behaviour but in Jeffy's Parents!, he felt sorry for Jeffy and decided to adopted him.


Black Yoshi

Mario likes Black Yoshi, but gets annoyed with Black Yoshi's gangster ways and tries to get him to be responsible but Black Yoshi doesn't listen to him but Black Yoshi still cares about Mario though.

Mama Luigi

Even though Mario thought that Mama Luigi is retarded, he has been Mario's favorite friend.


When Mario first met Rosalina, he started to fall in love with her. Mario usually gets frustrated with her about Jeffy. He also gets jealous when Rosalina pays attention to someone else other than him. In The Ring!, Mario was planning to propose to her.


Luigi is Mario's brother. Even though they don't hang out with each other a lot, and he isn't in many episodes, they are still really good brothers.


Mario hates Toad just like everyone else because he annoyed him in Toad Away. Toad got Mario arrested, when he was beating up Black Yoshi for killing Peach. However, Toad is seen traveling around with Mario in a few videos like The Big Thanksgiving.


Mario likes Shrek but often gets annoyed at him due to his constant begging for Mario to buy him cheesecake. But in the early videos, Mario was seen hanging out with Shrek. He also dislikes Shrek because he calls him "Donkey".


Mario hates Bowser. He hates Bowser due to him always kidnapping Peach and killing Mama Luigi, Luigi and Peach in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. In Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure, Mario pairs up with Bowser to find out who kidnapped Peach (and Charleyyy that he saw on TV got kidnapped). They also don't like the fact that they're working together, however the duo do work together to come up with great ideas like torturing Sonic to get answers. They have started to team up in adventures in newer episodes.


Mario was married to Peach for a long time. However, when Peach got pregnant, she started yelling and being rude to Mario. Despite this, Mario still loved her however. However, when Peach found out that Mario was bald, Peach got a divorce with Mario and he got heartbroken.

In Mario and Bowser's Crazy and Stupid Adventures, Mario wanted to save Peach and hope that she will love him again. When he saves her, Peach tells Mario that if she saves her baby, she will love him forever. When Mario and Bowser save her baby, Mario finds out that Peach likes Mario as a brother and tells Mario that they can start their relationship over and then get married (which they never did). Mario day dreams of killing Peach after she double crosses him in MABSACA.

In Mario's Valentines Day Problem!, he tried to re-date Princess Peach as he pretends that Rosalina's gifts are for Peach. Then, he realized that he was being a jerk and he dumped Peach to stay with Rosalina.

Bowser Junior

Mario met Bowser Junior, once. Mario hates Junior because he kidnapped Peach.

In Bowser Junior's Game Night 3, it stated that Mario and Junior have never met since according to both Mario and Chef Pee Pee. Mario introduces himself to Junior when he finds Jeffy holding a gun.


Mario hates Sonic. Mario hates Sonic because he is a rival and that Sonic was dating Peach. In the last episode of Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure, Black Yoshi kills Sonic so that Mario never has to worry about Sonic anymore.


Mario hates Jeffy because of his personality. However, after Mario finds out that his birth mother abuses him he adopted Jeffy after his mother got arrested.

Chef Pee Pee

Mario seems to respect and like Chef Pee Pee. In The Ring!, Chef Pee Pee even helped him try to find his ring.


  • Despite being the main protagonist, he doesn't appear as much as Bowser Junior.
  • Although Mario hates The Angry Birds, he seems to care about Chad as he took him to the hospital.


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