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MarineAngemon t

Full Name





Digimon Tamers


Partner of Tamer


Kahuna Waves attack, flight, healing abilities


Being with Kenta, healing others


To help Kenta and his friends defeat the D-Reaper


D-Reaper, ADR-01: Jeri Type, Parasimon


Kenta (human partner), Takato, Guilmon, Renamon, Henry, Rika, Kenta, Kazu, Ryo, Sakuyamon, Guardromon, Cyberdramon, Susie, Antylamon, Terriermon

Type of Hero


MarineAngemon is a major hero in Digimon Tamers that first appeared in the episode, "Janyu's Ark". He resembles a small pixie creature with a heart mark on his chest and has green eyes, and wears a golden collar on his neck. His cute attacks can cause enemies to lose their strength and heal allies. His attack is Kahuna Waves. MarineAngemon is the partner of Kenta Kitagawa. Despite being a Mega Digimon, it gets along well with other Digimon that are lower levels like Rookie, Champion and Ultimate.

Digimon Tamers

MarineAngemon is among the Mega Digimon that show up to help the Digimon Sovereigns fight the D-Reaper. Arriving with the army, the little Mega crashes near Kenta Kitagawa and grows attached to him after the boy pulls him from the dirt. Kenta, thinking MarineAngemon to be merely lost, sends him on his way. However, MarineAngemon likes Kenta so much that he later became his partner, appearing in his pocket with a D-Power thanks to a DigiGnome on the Ark ride home. Though quite powerful, MarineAngemon was an unlikely ally during the battle against the D-Reaper as his love-based attacks frightened the Jeri-Type Agent, as the D-Reaper was powered only by Jeri's negative emotions. His powers also proved essential in retrieving the Tamers from within the D-Reaper when the Red Card failed; MarineAngemon encased his friends in bubbles that protected them from the effects of the D-Reaper's quantum field.

When the Digimon returned to the Digital World, MarineAngemon was the only Digimon who did not regress to his In-Training form, as he was already small enough to fit in the dimensional gate. Nonetheless, he was forced to say goodbye to his partner and return to the Digital World, seemingly forever.

Digimon Tamers Movie: Runaway Locomon

Months later, Kenta and MarineAngemon are shopping for presents for Rika's birthday party when the news reports on Locomon's rampage. During the battle against the Parasimon horde, MarineAngemon destroys several of them.

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