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Margaret is a main/supporting character in the Cartoon Network series Regular Show. Margaret is a female robin who works as a waitress in the Coffee Shop, with her best friend Eileen, across the street from The Park. Mordecai has a large interest in her, and is always finding ways to make excuses to go to the coffee shop to see her. Margaret made her first debut in Caffeinated Concert Tickets. Margaret is voiced by Janie Haddad.


Despite being a robin, Margaret looks a lot like a cardinal. However, this isn't practical since female cardinals are orange and male cardinals are red. When she isn't working she usually wears jeans and yellow shirts except in Caffeinated Concert Tickets and often dresses rather provocatively. She has a large posterior as seen in Slam Dunk. Margaret appears identical to Mordecai with a few exceptions:

  • Feathers are red and white color (white feathers sometimes appear pinkish).
  • Beak is curved.
  • "Spot" on the side of her head is comma shaped and brownish.
  • She sports no stripes.
  • Hairstyle is curved.


  • The name Margaret is of English origin; its meaning is derived from from the Latin 'Margarita' which was Greek for pearl.
  • In Camping Can Be Cool, Margaret mentions that she attends a college in the City and also plans to quit her job at the Coffee Shop as soon as she graduates (much to Mordecai's chagrin).
  • Earlier in the same episode, she also mentions that she hasn't had a boyfriend for a while; the last time she has had a boyfriend was in Mordecai and the Rigbys (also one fake boyfriend in Cruisin').
  • Despite being described as a robin, Margaret has red plumage, which is odd since only male robins carry any red feathers in reality; in fact, she also oddly looks like a cardnial but just like male robins only male cardinals carry red feathers.
  • Margaret's car strongly resembles a 1982-1985 Honda Accord hatchback.
  • In Do Me A Solid and Cruisin', Margaret wears the same outfit.
  • In High Score, Margaret hugs Mordecai after he and Rigby beat the world record of Broken Bonez.
  • Originally, Margaret wasn't going to wear clothing like Mordecai; however, this was changed for unknown reasons, possibly because she is female.
  • Benson calls her the "coffee girl" in Yes Dude Yes.

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