Mama and Baba are Francine's adopted Asian Parents when they come to visit her. Ma-Ma and Ba-ba adopted Francine despite already having a biological daughter of their own, Gwen. Despite the fact that Ma-ma and Ba-ba were considerably poor at the time they still wanted to adopt Francine as a young girl and visited her every day while as a ward of the state while they were saving up. The Lings consider Francine to be their smarter daughter and despite generally disliking Stan Smith about as much as he dislike them both Ma-Ma and Ba-Ba consider Stan to be a good provider and husband for their daughter. The two have written Francine out of their will, specifically because they feel she will be taken care of better than Gwen who they feel will need the money since she is a dimwit compared to Francine. The two are very similar to the point of almost being duplicates of the same character except that Ba-ba is raunchier than Ma-ma and Ma-ma enjoys asserting herself as the alpha female of the family.

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