Mama Orange also known as Orange Mom or Orange's mother is Orange's mother who appeared in Annoying Orange: Mommy and Me, she helped her son to annoy Yam, like her son, she's a annoying fruit and was portrayed by Daneboe who played Pear, Marshmallow and Midget Apple.


Mama Orange has a personality almost, if not exactly the same as Orange. Also, she even has red hair.


  • The book that she used to read to Orange is a parody of the famous Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham, or she was just joking about Yam, saying it as Green Eggs and Yam.
  • She looks exactly like Orange except she has a red afro, yellow earrings, purple eyeliner, and lips that are more red than Orange's implying she wears lipstick.
  • She sounds like Orange except her voice is higher pitched.
  • She is the first other member of Orange's family to appear.
  • Her earrings are similar to Papaya's.
  • She is the first female orange to appear.
  • She is the twelfth annoying character, after OrangeOrangeOrange GroupCabbageExtra Life Orange,Future OrangeFredMarshmallowEggsZoom, and Apple.
  • She officially did have an appearance with her older husband Mr. Orange in the TV series, but in that one Orange thinks of her as very mature and strict.

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