Maika Sakuranomiya is the protagonist of the manga and anime series Blend S. She works at unique cafe in Tokyo called "Cafe Stile", where the waitresses play the roles of various character archetypes. Due to her naturally sadistic expressions, she is hired to play the role of the "sadist waitress", who acts dominant and cruel to the customers.

Personality & characteristics


Maika's naturally sadistic expression

Despite Maika's kind-hearted and pure personality, she has a naturally sadistic expression, which initially caused problems for her when trying to get a job until she was scouted by Cafe Stile. Maika comes from a very traditional Japanese family, so from an early age she became bored of Japanese culture and interested in the culture of foreign countries. As a child this caused an obsession with Santa Claus, as well as with a doll of Western mascot from a chicken restaurant (the former of which she tried to capture, and the latter she considered her "first love"). This traditional upbringing also resulted in her growing up with a pure and sheltered mind, which doesn't understand or respond well to being exposed to subjective things, such as not understanding why her customers actually want her to abuse them, and going into a state of severe shock upon stumbling across a hentai dōjinshi. She also seems oblivious to the fact that Dino, her manager, has a completely open romantic interest in her.


Maika's full on "dominatrix" persona

Her clumsiness, ignorance, and innate sadism she inherited from her family, causes her to often unintentionally nail being a sadist, as she was hired for. Maika's sadism training at the cafe recently resulted in her acquiring an extremely sadistic persona (complete with a dominatrix outfit), however she was relieved when told to tone it back down for all but the few customers who'd want that.