In a possible future, the year 4000 to be exact, humanity has grown to depend on robots for every day tasks...perhaps a bit too much. Knowing this, many robots have turned against their creators, and seek to overthrow humans for domination of the planet. Likewise, many humans have begun to use robots for their own nefarious purposes, such as crime and terrorism. But hope for humans comes in the form of the Robot Fighter, Magnus. Saved by the sentient machine, 1A, as a newborn, Magnus was raised by his adoptive father to fight machines that would try to take over humanity, and humans who would use machines for evil deeds. Using his super strength and martial arts skills, Magnus lives up to his purpose, and has become the future's greatest hero.


Aside from his martial arts training, Magnus is super strong and posseses remarkable endurance and durability. He also posses a device implanted in his skull that allows him to hear emergency broadcasts.

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