Maggie Dunlop

Maggie Dunlop is the schoolteacher and the love interest of Ted the Man with the Yellow Hat from the 2006 animated film, Curious George. She is voiced by Drew Barrymore who also voiced Akima Kunimoto.


Ted is giving a tour to Maggie's class at the Bloomsberry Museum, though it quickly becomes clear that Maggie regularly visits the museum for tours because she's smitten with Ted.

She first met Ted while Ted is working and Ted tells her that the Museum has to close due to its budgets decreasing.

Maggie tells Ted that she thinks George is very cute

After Ted discovers a monkey named George and Ted gets kicked out of the hotel by his grumpy landlord and doorman Ivan because of having a pet in the hotel, Ted sees her again while she is on a field trip at the zoo with her students where they name the monkey George (after glimpsing at a George Washington Statue).

After George gets into trouble and floats away, Ted tries to save him and they started to get along as friends.

After a failure of saving the museum with a holo detector (due to Junior Bloomsberry pouring coffee in the device and framing George) Ted sends George back to Africa where he belongs.

But Ted realizes that his life is now empty without George and he talks to Maggie who encourages him to follow the African Cargo ship to rescue George. When Ted succeeds, both he and George discover a pictogram with the message in the real idol, which is indeed 40 feet tall.

With the idol put in the museum, the museum goes back business as Junior Bloomsberry and his father, Mr. Bloomsberry become proud of what Ted did.

Maggie begins to have romantic feelings for Ted which she and Ted began a relationship before Ted and George went around the world at the end of the film.