Madoka Kyouno
The protaganist of the series ,a sole member of a Jersey Club who often helps out other clubs and people in need and is passionate about her home town of Kamogawa. She has a habit of saying "Maru" (まるっ, lit. 'circle', used for marking correct answers) when she finishes helping someone. She soon discovers she has the ability to pilot a strange robotic aircraft known as the Vox Aura, which she previously encountered ten years ago when she almost drowned. She names this Vox unit Midori, after its green color. In Season 2, she is in her last year of high school and has not thought what she is going to do for the future. She still helps out with the Jersey Club and her uncle's new beach cafe.

Madoka Kyouno is voiced by Kaori Ishihara in the original Japanese version who also voiced Aladdin (Magi) , a main character of the anime/manga series Magi and Kira Buckland in the English Version who later voiced Kuroyukihime of Accel World series.


  • When Madoka wears a jersey, her left sleeve of her jacket and right leg sleeve of her pants are rolled up.
  • She share some similarities with Fuu Hououji of Magic Knight Rayearth:
    • Both Madoka and Fuu are mecha pilots (Madoka pilots Vox Aura/Midori while Fuu pilots Windam), use swords in battle and their robots represents the wind due to its color
    • Both of them have green color scheme in their outfits (Madoka in her pilot suit and Fuu in her school uniform and in full armor).

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