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MachGaogamon t
Background information
Origin Digimon Data Squad
Hero information
Full name MachGaogamon
Alias None
Occupation Partner of Digidestined
Powers / Skills Howling Cannon, Winning Knuckle, Gaoga Tornade
Hobbies None
Goals To fight evil other digimon
Friends / Allies Thomas H. Norstein, Marcus Damon, Yolei Inoue, Agumon, Lalamon
Type of Hero Digimon

MachGaogamon is a hero in Digimon Data Squad. He is the digivolved form of Gaomon. He wears a white outfit with two jet-rocket packs, nad two metal gloves. His techniques are Winning Knuckle and Howling Cannon.

Digimon Data Squad

Gaomon first achieves this form in episode 15 of Digimon Data Squad. In this episode, Thomas was one of the humans who had been captured by MetalPhantomon. MetalPhantomon put them under a nightmare spell—causing Thomas to relive the day of his mother's death. However, Thomas was able to break free of the spell, which awakened his DNA Charge and allowed his partner Gaomon to Digivolve into his ultimate form. In this new form, MachGaogamon was able to defeat MetalPhantomon.

Famous battles

  • MachGaogamon vs. MetalPhantomon
  • MachGaogamon vs. Blossomon
  • MachGaogamon vs. Merukimon
  • MachGaogamon vs. several Boarmon
  • MachGaogamon vs. Zudomon
  • MachGaogamon vs. Gizumon XT (prototype)
  • MachGaogamon vs. BioQuetzalmon

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