MachGaogamon t
Background information
Origin Digimon Data Squad
Hero information
Full name MachGaogamon
Alias None
Occupation Partner of Digidestined
Powers / Skills Howling Cannon, Winning Knuckle, Gaoga Tornade
Hobbies None
Goals To fight evil other digimon
Friends / Allies Thomas H. Norstein, Marcus Damon, Yolei Inoue, Agumon, Lalamon
Type of Hero Digimon

MachGaogamon is a hero in Digimon Data Squad. He is the digivolved form of Gaomon. His techniques are Winning Knuckle and Howling Cannon.


He wears a white outfit with two jet-rocket packs, nad two metal gloves.

Famous battles

  • MachGaogamon vs. MetalPhantomon
  • MachGaogamon vs. Blossomon
  • MachGaogamon vs. Merukimon
  • MachGaogamon vs. several Boarmon
  • MachGaogamon vs. Zudomon
  • MachGaogamon vs. Gizumon XT (prototype)
  • MachGaogamon vs. BioQuetzalmon


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