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Lucia is a heroine of Lunar 2 Eternal Blue.


mysterious girl Hiro met in Blue tower. Age unknown. I had been asleep for the reconstruction of dilapidated "Blue Star", but would wake up for some reason. Even once it was naive to have never Furea~tsu with people. Sense of shame, such as not fazed even show naked in scarlet bonus also nil. However, continue to sprout human emotions while you continue the journey (come out even shy shame such as to that seen bathing wearing scarlet), it will grow even trust and love for the same time Heero. Lucia at the time of combat is always to act in the AI, the player can not be operated. In addition, it is not possible to see even parameters. As a further feature of the AI, you can use the auxiliary magic for the first time that I met Heero only their own, without permission or to escape from the battle, and that you do not trust the Heero appear in the joints of the action. However, at the same time as Lucia's go open mind as we continue the journey with Heero, AI also Heero us against such so or to use an auxiliary magic and recovery magic, behavior also will change. As an aside, when using a recovery magic as long as the other character is not dying, scarlet chosen priority. I said that the sign of favor for Heero. (Substantially Leo and exchanged form) at the end completely disengaged from the party, it is not to come back until the ending. After Zofa has been knocked down to go back to the Blue Star to tell the feelings scarlet. And again it goes to sleep. Again awakening at the hands of scarlet reached Aoki star in the true ending. According to the CD drama sequel, you are sent a life to visit LUNAR world by being taken to the scarlet and can errands such as shopping.


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