Louise Keller is one of the ten deuteragonists of the internet short film "Dear Grace"

Dear Grace

In the film, Louise Keller is a spoiled rich girl from England who is having trouble making friends. She goes to Grace for help, who suggests that she try to make friends with Kaylee Brown, a girl with a similar problem to hers. Louise also helps Jack Swords write a song for his true love in his story. While Louise goes over to a "sleepover", Mikayla, the main antagonist, locks her in a tool shed. Louise manages to escape the shed, and confronts Mikayla. Mikayla steals Louise's locket and smashes it, destroying Louise's last memories of her parents from England. She becomes good friends with Kaylee, Jack, Alex, and Grace, and helps the others in defeating Mikayla at the end of the movie.


. She is played by Julia Grippe

. Whenever she introduces herself in the movie, she nonchalantly parodies british spy James Bond.

. Her original name was Louise Parker

. Ironically, even though she was the most anti- social, she ended up making the most friends by the end of the movie

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