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Little Green Men are characters in the Toy Story franchise. They are three-eyed aliens who are residents of Pizza Planet and make squeaky noises.


Toy Story

When Woody and Buzz jump inside the claw game, they are greeted by the three-eyed aliens. One of them gets captured by Andy's neighbor Sid. When Woody his pal Buzz Lightyear from being grabbed, the aliens stopped him to not fight the claw. One of them gets attacked by Sid's dog Scud. During the plan, the one attacked by Scud scares Sid.

Toy Story 2

The three Little Green Men appear as car ornaments in the Pizza Planet Truck. They later become Andy's toys.

Toy Story 3

All three aliens were seen in use by Andy until they are donated to Sunnyside Daycare. They all got captured by Lotso's henchmen. The little green men tried to get to the claw, but they get ran over by a truck explained by the Chatter Telephone. They rescue the toys from being incinerated with a crane claw. They return to Andy, who gives them to Bonnie.

Other media

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

The Little Green Men make appearances as one of Buzz Lightyear's supporters.


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