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Don't hate the little man, because he's packing a 6 shooter!
~ Little Bill singing a Song

Little Bill is a character who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Little Bill is auditioning as a performer inside the Four Dragons Casino during the opening cutscene of the mission A Home in the Hills. He is singing his song, entitled "Small but Perfectly Formed". Kendl and Woozie reject him because they say they wanted someone with a little more "mass appeal". Little Bill gets mad and leaves. That is the only time he is seen during the whole game.


  • Little Bill is one of two midgets in the whole Grand Theft Auto series, the other one being Jimmy the actor. He is the only midget to be seen in person throughout the series.
  • Little Bill is somewhat arrogant, as he says "Women like me. Men want to be like me!" after being rejected.
  • His name is similar to the character Little Bill from the 1999 Nick Jr. show Little Bill.

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