Total Drama - Lindsay
Background information
Origin Total Drama Series
Hero information
Full name Lindsay
Alias The Dumb Princess
Occupation Contestant on Total Drama
Powers / Skills Problem solving skills and friendliness
Hobbies Hanging out with her friends and spending quality time with Tyler
Goals Try to win the one million dollar prize money (failed) and remember Tyler (succeeded)
Family Mother, father, sister, Paula (sister)
Friends / Allies Alejandro, Beth, Bridgette, Chris McLean, Cody, DJ, Gwen, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Mike
Enemies Courtney, Duncan, Eva, Heather, Jo, Lightning, Scott, Zoey (one-sided, on Zoey's side)
Type of Hero Dimwits, Friendly Heroes, Spoiled Sweet

It was a good, stratagistical, logical move... because it messed with Courtney's head!
~ Lindsay smart strategy of outsmarting Courtney

Lindsay, labeled The Dumb Princess, is one of the main protagonists of Total Drama series. She is in love, and in a relationship with Tyler, the jock and best friends with Beth. She is known for not being smart, but friendly, having a constant sunny disposition and solving problems. Much to Heather and Courtney's dismay, Lindsay is quite popular among the cast. Despite being in love with Tyler, Lindsay has fallen for many other men, namely Alejandro, Justin and Trent.




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