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Background information
Origin Darkstalkers 3 (1997)
Hero information
Full name Lilith Aensland
Alias Lilith, Morrilith (name given by the fans in Marvel VS Capcom)
Occupation Jedah's servant (though she doesn't know), half of Morrigan's soul
Powers / Skills Vast magical powers, shapeshifting wings
Hobbies Fighting, staying in Morrigan's body
Goals To find and protect her true body
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Manipulated Innocent Anti-Heroine

Lilith Aensland is a Character from DarkStalkers and is the younger sister of Morrigan Aensland. She is just like her sister but she was originally a villain later anti-heroine of the series and is merge with Morrgian.

A young cheerful succubus, she is cute and adorable, but deadly underneath.

She is not a pure evil villain, and was manipulated by a demon called Jedah into doing his commands. His plan was for her to fuse with her sister, so he could defeat them both and become more powerful.

However, Lilith knew he was lying to her and only agreed to meet her sister. When she fought against Jedah, he mortally wounded her and left her to die.

After Jedah was killed, she was saved when Morrigan fused with her, allowing her to existence with her.

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