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Lightning Ninja Wild (雷忍 ワイルド Rainin Wairudo?): An American ninja from the West descended from Billy the Kid. He works as a bounty hunter and calls himself the "Ninja Sheriff from the North Army". His ninja outfit is made of blue denim. Wields a Magnum revolver along with a knife. In Episode 20, he hunts down Jiraiya in order to collect the bounty offered by the Sorcerers Clan, but joins forces with Jiraiya in the end when the Sorcerers betrays him. Afterward, he begins working for a public entertaining company in order to collect money to pay for his trip back to America and ends up challenging Jiraiya again in Episode 33 to duel. From that point onward, he becomes one of Jiraiya's recurring allies in the battle against the Sorcerers Clan.

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