Warrior of Sound - B-Fighter Min!
~ B-Fighter Min

Li Wen/B-Fighter Min (李文(リー・ウェン)/ビーファイターミン Lī Wen/Bī Faitā Min) is a 35 year old from the Peking branch of Cosmo Academia. Li was an elementary schoolteacher who loved children and often put on magic shows in parks for children, and was also a good cook. He was a peaceful man who hated the fight between the B-Fighters and Melzard, and at first refused to cooperate when he obtained the Cicada Insect Medal. However, Kengo made him realize that the B-Fighters fight in order to stop the fighting, and so he agreed to help as Min, whose armor was modeled after a cicada. His attacks are the Sonic Pressure (ソニックプレッシャー Sonikku Puresshā) and the Laser Arrow (ルーザーアロー Rūzā Arō), fires from his antennae.

See Also

  • Lightningborg, his american counterpart from Beetleborgs Metallix

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