217px-Leo and his lovely baton
Leo is a character in the Disney Junior animated series Little Einsteins.



Leo is a 6-year-old boy, the Little Einsteins leader, and the one who pilots Rocket. He is Annie's big brother. Leo has red hair and green eyes.


His friends are Quincy, June, and Rocket. He also has other friends, but some aren't human (for example: one of his friends is a bumble bee from Africa).


  • He is the only character on Little Einsteins to wear glasses.
  • His skills with the baton include the ability to conduct animals (seen in Our Huge Adventure, where he conducts cows, and The Song of the Unicorn).
  • His main talent is conducting and his most precious object is his conductor's baton; he never leaves home without it.
  • It is hinted that he might have a crush on June. An example was in the episode "Ring Around the Planet". After Leo got Saturn's ring back home, June walked to him and gave him a big hug. (You can see Leo smiling because of the hug).
  • In Rocket's Firebird Rescue, Leo was given Music Power and may have it permenantly.
  • In A Galactic Goodnight, Leo says that he uses his baton as a nightlight every night, which helps him fall asleep.
  • In the episode "A Christmas Wish" Leo's wish was a new baton head.
  • He has a few things in common with Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise:
    1. They are both red haired.
    2. They both have a younger sister (Leo, Annie), (Ron, Ginny)
    3. They both use modes of transportation (Leo, Rocket), (Ron, The Flying Ford Anglia)

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