Lena amazed when she discovers Lars and Robby playing together

You're the one who was playing with the little seal, right? Let me see if I can find something for you.
~ Lena when she brings Lars into her home
I see. The fish must have gone and disappeared on you too. Just like they did for us.
~ Lena telling Lars how she feels about the fish scarcity
Lars, you're a wonderful little polar bear.
~ Lena congratulating Lars for defeating the Black Mouth and saving the North Pole

Lena is the heroine from The Little Polar Bear. She is a kindhearted Inuit girl who lives with her wise grandmother in a small village. Although she shows up in a small part of the film, Lena plays a big part in helping Lars solve the mystery of the fish scarcity and saving the North Pole from the dreaded Black Mouth.

Role in the film

Lena starts the movie fishing in her boat and is thrilled to see a seal and a polar bear (Lars and Robby) playing together in the snow. She excitedly tells her grandmother about what she found. Later on, Lena is worried about the fish disappearing from the ocean.

When Lars sneaks into the village to see where the fish had gone, Lena finds him and takes him into her home. She feeds him, takes care of him, and empathizes with our hero, because the disappearance of the fish have affected her people in the same way as it has affected the animals. Lena's grandmother calls her to a ceremony, where Lars realizes that the Black Mouth was taking all the fish.

Our heroine takes Lars back to his home before the final battle. After Lars defeats the monster, Lena congratulates him.


  • Lena is known as Manili in the original German dub.
  • She is played by Jeanette Biederman in the original and Kimberly J. Brown in the English dub.
  • Lena appears to be about six or eight years old.
  • She supposedly lives in Canada or Alaska, where the story takes place.
  • Her personality is reminiscent of Jenny Foxworth in Oliver and Company.