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Full Name



Dragon Ball

Type Of Hero

Anti-Heroine, Chaotic Good, Redeemed Villain


Good (Brunette Launch)
Bad, Later Good (Blonde Lunch)



Launch is a hero of the manga and anime Dragon Ball and one of the standard secondary heroes of the series. Launch suffers from advanced schizophrenia which causes her to shift between a soft-spoken kind-hearted personality and a brash borderline sociopath personality, for unknown reasons the personality switchs affect her hair color, with the kind-hearted Launch having black hair and the wild rogue having blonde hair. While kind Launch is certainly safer to have around she is a pacifist who can not bring herself to do harm to others, anarchist Launch though can and will annihilate anyone who tries to hurt Goku, Krillin or any other of her friends. Launch's brash personality is also a hardened criminal however her thefts are usually foiled by her kinder-side who returns the money, car etc., confused as to why she had them in the first place. Neither personality seems to acknowledge the other exists despite attempts to inform her of such.


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