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Lance Vance
It's time for the 'Lance Vance Dance!
~ Lance Vance

Lance Vance is character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Lance was the middle child of the Vance family with Victor as the oldest and Pete as the youngest. During his childhood, Lance always got his older brother Victor Vance into trouble.

In 1984, Lance arrived at Escobar International Airport in Vice City to help Victor after the latter killed Marty Jay Williams and took over his gang. Victor was at first reluctant but later accepted Lance's help after he begs him to give him another chance.

They faced the Chelos, corrupt cop Bryan Forbes and eventually the Mendez Brothers and Sergeant Martinez. Lance arrived during the final battle of the storyline only to find Martinez and Diego were already killed by Victor.

Two years later, he and his brother organized a drug deal with the Forelli family representative Tommy Vercetti and two thugs. As they were about to finish the deal, an unknown party ambushed them and killed Vic and two Forelli thugs. Only Lance, Tommy and Ken Rosenburg survived the attack. Lance formed a friendship with Tommy after the latter killed a shady chef who knew about the deal. Together, they realized that Ricardo Diaz led the ambush and decided to work for him for now. However, Lance jumped it and was captured and taken to the junkyard where he was interrogate Diaz's men. Tommy rescued Lance and took him to the hospital.

They later assaulted Diaz's mansion and eventually killed Ricardo Diaz. Tommy later became the new kingpin of Vice City with Lance being his right-hand man. Over the course of the game, Lance becomes jealous of Tommy and is tired of him treating him like a kid. Later, Lance betrayed Tommy and joined forces with his former boss Sonny Forelli.

Tommy chased Vance to the rooftop of the mansion where they had their final showdown, ending with Lance's death.

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