Lady Bluebury

Lady Bluebury is the mother of Gnomeo, the leader of the Blue Gnomes and a supporting character in the 2011 film Gnomeo and Juliet. She is voiced by Maggie Smith who also played Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter.


Lady Bluebury is the leader of the Blue Gnomes who live in Mrs. Montague's garden and is rivals with Lord Redbrick and the Red Gnomes who live in Mr. Capulet's garden. She was first seen making fun of Lord Redbrick about his tulips and his misuse of fancy words. She later met up with her son, Gnomeo, to wish him luck for the lawn mower race. She later gave a nod of approval when Gnomeo decide to take action against the red gnomes when Tybalt won the race by cheating.

She was later seen crying because the red gnomes destroyed their most prized plant, which her late husband had planted and grown himself. She asked Gnomeo where he was and Gnomeo told her that he was nowhere when in reality, he was on a date with Juliet, Lord Redbrick's daughter. She later heard a noise of breaking glass and went with the others to investigate. She learned that Gnomeo had fought with Tybalt and Tybalt ended up hitting the wall, smashing him to bits. She watched in horror as Gnomeo get chased by the red gnomes and apperently got smashed by a car. She mourns for Gnomeo's death, not knowing that Gnomeo was still alive. She later saw Benny with the Terrafirminator and approve with his plan of revenge to the red gnomes. The destruction caused the Terrafirminator later resulted to war between the blue gnomes and red gnomes. She soon saw Gnomeo, alive and well, and was relieved. However, her joy was short-lived with the out-of-control Terrafirminator crashes into Juliet's pedestal. She apologizes to Lord Redbrick and makes up him, ending the feud between the gnomes. When Lord Redbrick accidentally stepped on the switch to the pedestal, which knocks down the rumbles, she saw that Gnomeo and Juliet were still alive. She later witness her son's marriage to Juliet and dances with Lord Redbrick.

Memorable Quotes

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  • Lady Bluebury is based on Lady Montague from Romeo and Juliet.
  • Lady Bluebury is slightly similar to Zira, the main antagonist of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (which coincidentally is also based on Romeo and Juliet).
    • Both are females who lead a group (Blue Gnomes and Outsiders).
    • Both are seen without a significant other (Lady Bluebury's husband had passed away whilst it is unknown what became of Zira's mate, leaving it unknown if he died or and ended his relationship with Zira).
    • Both oppose another group (Red Gnomes and Pridelanders), who are led by a male (Lord Redbrick and Simba).
    • Both have sons (Gnomeo and Kovu) who fall in love with the daughter of the opposing group's leader (Juliet and Kiara).
  • However unlike Zira, Lady Bluebury is not evil and ends her feud with Lord Redbrick and allows Gnomeo to be with Juliet.

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