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Kyle, these are not treats, these are guests. Girls this is Kyle,
~ Gru introducing the girls to Kyle
Kyle is Gru's pet sharp-toothed creature. He is capable of acting like a dog. He lives in Gru's house. He first appears in Despicable Me.


Despicable Me

Nothing is known about Kyle during Gru's childhood. Kyle is the pet who belongs to Gru. When Gru adopted Margo, Agnes, and Edith, he shows them about not to touch anything including Kyle. Later that night after Vector is defeated, it is revealed he destroyed the book Three Little Kittens. Kyle is seen with Gru after peace is restored.

Despicable Me 2

Kyle is portrayed as a dragon during a medieval party at Gru's house. He is only seen in Gru's house scenes like when the minions are turned indestructible machines by El Macho. It is unknown if Kyle survived the invaders or not. He is possibly seen during Gru's wedding.


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