Kunagi Tenrou
If you're the sort of man that gives up halfway, then I will abandon you.
~ Kunagi

Kunagi Tenrou two main heroines of Big Bang Age, and a playable character in Big Bang Beat and Big Bang Beat Revolve.

Kunagi is Rouga Zanma's strong-willed childhood friend. She's blunt and direct with everyone, Rouga included, and that contributes to her difficulties in getting along with most people. However, so far as Rouga and her friends are concerned, she has both a soft spot for them and the utmost faith in their abilities.


Rouga's fiancé. A half demon and half human. She became a half demon she made contact with the demon boundary hole in the past. She has known Rouga since their childhood. She was struck in her wolf form which assumed her unable to control her powers very well until she finally returned back to her normal self however her appearance became a young girl-like for unknown reasons. She is the fastest fighter than others as she said. She have a brother, Kamui (in BBA).


She is kind of serious and almost emotionless, curiosity and towards to Rouga is pretty cruel but very supportive. Gou and she knows the secret of the past which Rouga don't know.