Kuku (クク) is a daughter of Ishmal, Prince Theo's martial arts teacher. As well as being Theo's friend, Kuku also serves as his romantic love interest, just like Shizuka is to Nobita.

Kuku is voiced by Mayumi Izuka in the movie.


Kuku is kind, caring and hardworking girl, something that Nobita quickly notices about her. Kuku has had a crush on Theo for a long time, but he never returned the feeling. When Nobita swap places with the prince, Kuku has even more feelings for him, as Nobita really appricates her and even show his kindness for her as well. In the end, even after she finds out that the other "Theo" is Nobita, she still has feelings for him, as she has for Theo when he promised to be a better person like Nobita for her, and finally accept her feelings.

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