Kujin is a character in Tribes of the East.
She's one of protagonists in this game.


Kujin is the shaman of the tribe. Before Gotai was a Khan, she spoke with the tribe and represented three omens. Later, she helped Gotai in any way she can, whether as an adversary or diplomat. She went to the local tribes and gathered orcs for Gotai, as their new Khan. She went through the mountains (where she faced many challenges) and met an omen of the Spider, with whom they discussed the Queen of the Griffin Empire is a demon. She came to Gotai to warn him and fight demons they were born to.

She and Gotai met Zehir, who told them about fighting in Sheogh with Kha-Beleth and gave them Kunyak's staff. With this, Kujin and Gotai marched towards Talonguard, where they helped him cleanse the kingdom from demons. She returned with Gotai to act as Gotai's adversary and shaman of the tribe.

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