Korone is a Liradan , a race of androids sent by the government to observe Akuto Sai 24/7. She is usually emotionless and stolid, but occasionally curious when it comes to certain things. However, she does display human characteristics on occasion; particularly, she enjoys teasing Akuto, often doing perverted things in front of him to get a response. She sleeps in a small storage closet in Akuto's dorm room, and has numerous firearms and other items stored inside her handbag, a sort of hammerspace. Korone has the ability to read other people's emotions, and can detect an individual's presence based on mana emitted by that person's body. She, like all Liradans, can be temporarily deactivated by pulling a switch resembling an animal's tail (in her case, a rabbit's) located on her lower back. She will reactivate after the tail is pulled again, and is otherwise unconscious while she is deactivated. Despite her emotionless demeanor, Korone seems to have feelings for Akuto, displaying a visible emotion of sadness when Akuto scolds her after being ordered by the higher-ups to seduce him.

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