Kiya Render
Background information
Origin MediEvil 2
Hero information
Full name Princess Kiya
Alias The Egyptian Princess
Occupation Part of resistance against Lord Palethorn
Powers / Skills Knowledge of embalming techniques
Goals Saving the city of London from the forces of evil (succeeded)
Friends / Allies Sir Daniel Fortesque,
Professor Hamilton Kift
Enemies Lord Palethorn
Type of Hero Princess, Undead Hero

Wait, Sir Fortesq... Dan... You freed me from my Tomb, do not imprison me in another.
~ Kiya to Dan

Princess Kiya is the female deuteragonist of MediEvil 2 and Sir Daniel Fortesque's love interest.


Kiya is a mummified Egyptian Princess who was supposed to be married to Ramesses II. Unfortunately, he died before the marriage and she was chosen to accompany him in the afterlife. Later on, in the 18th century, Sir Dan found her tomb inside the Old Museum in Kensington and freed her. She fell in love with Sir Dan after he rescued her again from Jack the Ripper.

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