670px-Dedede KRTDL
Background information
Origin Kirby's Dream Land
Hero information
Full name King Dedede
Alias King DDD, Triple D
Occupation Self-proclaimed King of Dreamland
Powers / Skills Hammer-wielding
Hobbies Eating
Goals Protect Dreamland.
To get rid of Kirby, steal all of his people's food and capture the Sparkling Stars (most of the time).
To help Kirby and his friends to defeat Zero and save the Dreamland (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards).
To help Kirby and his friends to save the Cappy Town and defeat Nightmare (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!).
Help Magolor rebuild his ship (Kirby's Return to Dreamland).
Friends / Allies Kirby (sometimes), Meta Knight, Waddle Dees, Escargoon, Magolor (formerly)
Enemies Kirby (usually), Nightmare, Dark Matter, Zero, Marx, Squeak Squad, Drawcia, Magolor, Queen Sectonia
Type of Hero Monarch, Rival

King Dedede is the self-proclaimed king of Dreamland. He is Kirby's arch-nemesis and either a villain or anti-hero. He has appeared in almost every Kirby game to date.


King Dedede is an obese penguin and the self-proclaimed king of Dreamland. He commands a few enemies in Dreamland, such as Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos. King Dedede is a boss in many games from the Kirby franchise created by Masahiro Sakurai. King Dedede is also a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros 4.

Relationship to Kirby

King Dedede is often pestered by Kirby, who breaks into his palace and steals his food. King Dedede is shown repeatedly to be an antagonist, but he is more of an anti-hero. However, in most of the games he is fought against, Dedede is controlled by a much more evil force (Example: Yin-Yarn, Taranza and three times by Nightmare) or it is a misunderstanding (like in Kirby Squeak Squad or Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland) King Dedede has teamed up with Kirby in the past to get rid of a greater evil. King Dedede can also inhale enemies like Kirby, but he cannot steal their powers. King Dedede sometimes wields a large hammer, and it is said that Kirby learned his Hammer Ability from King Dedede.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

King Dedede is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl who is playable by default. King Dedede is classified as a heavy and slow character. King Dedede is known for his ability to chain grab many many members of the cast because of his long grab range and short knockback throws.

King Dedede also plays a role in the story of the one-player mode The Subspace Emissary, in which he obtains the fighter trophies of Ness, Peach (or Zelda, depending on the player's actions) and Luigi from Wario. King Dedede had witnessed the power and intentions of the evil Tabuu when the Battleship Halberd was taken, and worries that if there are no fighters left, Tabuu will take over the world. King Dedede then puts a Dedede badge on the three trophies, guaranteeing that if King Dedede was turned into a trophy, the three other fighter trophies would be revived into fighters.

Super Smash Bros


King Dedede returns as a playable character, but his extraordinary chain grabbing ability has been removed, and his side special now always throws a Gordo, and his back aerial attack has been changed as well. His Final Smash has also been replaced with the "Dedede Burst", where he will inhale everyone around him and smash them with his hammer before launching a powerful bomb from his hammer.


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