Yuna need Kimahri. Kimahri protect Yuna.
~ —Kimahri Ronso

Kimahri Ronso is one of the main protagonists of the game Final Fantasy X, and makes an appearance in Final Fantasy X-2. Kimahri doesn't talk much, and that may be because he's ashamed of his broken horn. Kimahri had a protective cause over Yuna, even before he became her summoner. He adventures with the team throughout Final Fantasy X, and makes a cameo in the game's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2.

Appearance and Personality

Mostly out of shame over his broken horn, Kimahri rarely speaks to anyone. Whenever he does, he only talks to those he likes and trusts, which is a main part of why he does not initially talk to the male protagonist Tidus. The first time he speaks during Final Fantasy X is following Operation Mi'ihen, when he reminds Tidus — who is shocked to hear Kimahri talk at all — that he must keep a bright exterior and happy face to help brighten Yuna's journey. From then on, Kimahri only talks when necessary and usually offers helpful advice when he does speak.

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