Kim Crawford
Kim Crawford (Olivia Holt) is the only female student at the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy but that doesn't faze her. She crossed over from an arch-rival dojo, the Black Dragons, after they cheated in a tournament and still lost.[4] Kim loves journalism and hates being called "just another pretty face". She rarely wears dresses or makeup, except to impress a guy. She's co-captain of her high-school cheer squad, and had a huge crush on teen pop star Ricky Weaver...until he proved to be an utter heel. If Kim has a weakness, it's dancing; even with coaching from karate classmate Jerry, she has trouble "getting down." Kim's toughness belies her endearing appearance; she's typically the first to stick up for herself and/or a friend. Her last name, Crawford, was revealed in the season 1 episode "Dojo Day Afternoon".Kim has a crush on fellow black belt Jack, but hides it from him and everybody else. It's revealed in the episode "A Slip Down Memory Lane" that she considers Jack as more than just a friend. In the episode "Wazombie Warrior", Kim thought she was on a date with Jack. In Karate Games Kim tells Jack that he is amazing and Jack almost kissed her. In Kickin' It On Our Own, she has a boyfriend named Brett, but breaks up with him because she still has feelings for Jack. They go on a date at the end. They begin dating in "Two Dates and A Funeral."

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