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Kiki Flores

Kiki Flores is one of the six protagonists of The Puzzle Place, the rest being Julie Woo, Ben Olafson, Leon MacNeil, Skye Nakaiye, and Jody Silver. She is a Mexican-American girl from San Antonio, Texas. It is from Spanish being her first language that she pronounces vowels different. She is a fantastic chili cook, as shown in the episode "Here's to the Winners." In fact, she won first prize at the chili cookoff in that episode.

She has a mother, father, a younger brother, (though by an unknown number) younger sisters, and cousin in her family. Her cousin Maggie appeared in the episode "Hello, Maggie".

Kiki's last name "Flores" is the Spanish word for "flowers."

Kiki is played by Carmen Osbahr who also played one of the Piece Police.