Kicken Hawk Omniverse official
Kickin Hawk is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Kickin Hawk resembles a combination of a rooster and a hawk. He has sharp claws on his toes and talons on his hands, as well as two larger talons protruding from his arms. He has a short beak. Kickin Hawk is covered in brown feathers and also has a white mohawk.

Kickin Hawk wears a green mask, a green belt with a white stripe, and black underwear. Kickin Hawk wears a strap vest with the Omnitrix symbol on the vest hooker.

Powers and Abilities

  • Retractable Talons: He can retract talons from his fingers, and scythe-like blades his elbows.
  • Sharp Elbow Blades: He can cut objects by using the sharp blades on his arm.
  • Enhanced Strength: He has enhanced strength.
  • Enhanced Durability: He has enhanced durability.
  • Enhanced Agility: He has enhanced agility.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: He has enhanced reflexes.
  • Powerful Kicking: He can generate powerful shockwave-like kicks which sends his enemies flying.

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