Kerchak was the leader of the gorilla family and the false antagonist in Disney's 1999 animated film Tarzan.

He is voiced by Lance Hendricksen.

Kerchak was the powerful leader of the gorilla family. But he can be grumpy at times, especially after losing his and his mate Kala's son to Sabor the leopard, where his loving and caring side quickly switched to his stern and serious side. When Kala brings the newly orphaned baby Tarzan into the family, he shuns the idea of the boy being his son as he distrusts humans, but allowed Kala to keep him. As Tarzan grew into young man, he starts befriending humans that came into the jungle, and disobeying Kerchak's orders to stay away from them and protect the Gorillas, even going as far as betraying their family. It isn't until after defeating the hunter Clayton and before dying at a gunshot from the evil hunter that Kerchak accepts Tarzan as his son and passes on the leadership of the gorilla family to him. He had sacrificed himself to save his family.


  • Unnamed baby gorilla (son, deceased)
  • Terk's mother (sister-in-law)
  • Jane Porter (adoptive daughter-in-law)
  • Ashley Nicole (adoptive granddaughter)


  • In the original novel, Kerchek was main antagonist. This role however is given to Cecil Clayton in the film, with Kerchek becoming the false antagonist instead.
  • Kerchak has been inspired by King Kong, as well as various serious Disney characters, such as Yen Sid, Mr. Darling, Bagheera, King Triton and Chief Powhatan.


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