Kendall Perkins is a character from the Disney animated show, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. She is Kick's nemesis, and love interest, similar to Catwoman from Batman, Urara Shiraishi from Yamada and The Seven Witches, and Rin Hojo from Initial D. She is the former class president of Kick's class.


Kendall has long, chest-length blonde hair with a pink hairband. Her stature is notably taller than most of the boys in her class (including Kick Buttowski and Gunther), likely a result from early puberty. She has large eyes with no visible irises, and a pointed nose.

Kendall's main outfit consists of a green and pink plaid sweater over a white dress shirt, a short, black skirt and black flats with knee-length white socks.


Similar to Brad and her boyfriend Ronaldo, she is notably antagonistic to to main protagonist and is very hot-headed. However unlike the former two, she is relatively more harmless in contrast as she never causes physical harm to Kick. She is bossy and holds a great deal of responsibility.

Initially, Kendall disliked Kick for his daredevil personality, often seeing it as too dangerous and childish, and has at times tried to make his life more miserable by trying to banned daredevil activities such as skateboarding at school and while she was hired has his babysitter. She would often refer Kick by his real first name Clarance rather than by his nickname.

Over the course of the series however, she became more tolerate of his stunts and her relationship with him gradually began to improve. At times, she and Kick actually showed romantic feelings for each other such in "Box Office Blitz", in which the to kissed (which Kendall was suprised by), and "Detained", which revealed that she in fact had a crush on Kick. Other episodes that explored their love-hate relationship included "Dancing with the Enemy", "Hand in Hand", "Pool Daze", and "Power Play". At times when her relationship with Kick is at its high point, she would refer to him by his nickname rather than Clarance.