Kaede Ichinose
Kaede Ichinose is the final character of the "main eight" cast for both Datacardass Aikatsu! and the anime adaptation's season one. Her favorite brand is Magical Toy.


Debuting in the fifth wave of arcade cards, and Episode 33 of the anime, when she transfers into Starlight Academy in the hope of becoming Mizuki's partner in Tristar. A return in the same year as Ichigo, coming from America where she has appeared in many commercials for her father's American sushi chain, "Kaede Sushi".


Kaede Ichinose has flaming red hair and a shade of pinkish red for her eye color. She also wears a white pin with a yellow diamond on her hair. Her basic idol uniform consists of a pale pink blouse with orange striped skirt and pink under-layer, a single white bracelet and tall brown boots.


Having come from America, she uses a lot of English phrases and has a habit of kissing people she meets on the cheek. She also has a fascination with magic and enjoys performing various tricks.


  • Her star sign is Sagittarius.
  • Favorite Food: Hamburger, California-roll
  • Disliked Food: Natto
  • Special Skill: Dance
  • Favorite Colors: Red/Orange
  • Kaede is the first idol to use her Premium Rare card in her debut performance.
  • Kaede shares the same surname as Kazuya Ichinose, who's also from America in an anime called Inazuma Eleven.
  • Despite of being a main character, she has the least appearance duration and mostly appears in background or minor appearances.
  • She is the first character to never be seen using her school basic coord.
  • She shares her singing voice with Kī Saegusa.
  • Her aura is composed of bright, colorful toys and rainbows.

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