Kī Saegusa
Kī Saegusa is one of the main characters who appears in the 2014 Series of the Data Carddass Aikatsu! game and the related anime adaption for it (season 2) along with Seira Otoshiro.



She has bright blonde hair with balloon-like twintails with a green ribbon on each twintail, and her eyes are blue.


As a pop-type idol, she used to make a pun of words, she usually says some words three times before finishing it properly.



Ki first appeared during Seira's debut, attempting to keep Seira from telling Aoi her entire background. Instead, Ki ended up announcing all the 'secrets' that she wanted to release one at a time to keep Seira mysterious. During her childhood, Ki was very shy and had no friends. At first she was Seira's producer but later on, she became an idol as well.


  • She might be a half-foreign, given her blonde hair and blue eyes
  • Her star sign is Sagittarius.
  • Kī is known as "A Great Producer" and entrusted to helping Seira for her first debut.
  • She is the fourth idol not to wear her basic coord at her debut.
  • Her aura is composed of a single toy alicorn that wears a pearl necklace and bubbles filled with stars and smaller bubbles
    • The alicorn in Kī's aura bares a striking resemblance to Opal from Jewel Pet.
  • She shares her singing voice with Kaede Ichinose.

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