I want to be a knight
~ Justin longing to be a knight like his grandfather

Justin is the main protagonist of the animated film Justin and the Knights of Valour.


Justin is a sweet-natured, curious young man living in Medieval England who dreams of adventure and to become a knight like his deceased grandfather, the great Sir Roland. Even when his father, Reginald, forbids him to follow his dream, Justin takes matters into his own hands and goes on a quest that tests him to his limits. Along the way, Justin faces challenges, learns lessons, and learns to push his fears aside to do what is right and just for himself, his new friends, and his kingdom to save it from the evil tyrant Heraclio.


  • Justin is voiced by Freddie Highmore, who also played Charlie Bucket in the Tim Burton film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • His personality is reminiscent of Charlie Bucket, Valiant, and Remy.