Joshua Harper is the protagonist of Joan Hiatt Harlow's book Joshua's Song. He is a 13-year-old boy whose father died of influenza. He lives in an apartment with his mother. He ends up quitting school and working as a paper boy because his family's money is tight, and he hasn't sung since his voice changed, meaning he was no longer to be in the Boston Boys' Choir. He had been a boy soprano back then, but later, in 1919, after the explosion of a tank of crude molasses, he tries to save the life of Mrs. DePietro, the mother of a fellow paper seller, Angelina ("Angel" for short) and her sister Maria, but doesn't succeed. However, he does sing (and it doesn't say if he was a tenor, a baritone, or a bass) for her, making her death sweet for her, and saving the entire town.

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