Joni west
Joni West is the female counterpart of Johnny Test who first appeared in the episode, Johnny Alternative along with her best friend and female counterpart of Dukey, Dutchy. She teamed up with Johnny and Dukey to get rid of the counterparts of Albert and Mr. Mittens.

Joni is similar in appearance to Johnny. She has blonde hair with orange highlights, also known as "flaming hair." She has blue eyes and pink lips. She wears a white shirt with a hazard sign on it, a blue jacket, green cargos, white shoes with black laces, and a black watch. Her best friend is a genetically altered female dog named Dutchy, similar to Johnny's friend/pet Dukey.

Also, in the episode Johnny Alternative she seemed to like or have a crush on Johnny. He first thought it was disgusting, then later on he ended up almost kissing her..

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