Galaxy! Amazing! It's SHOWTIME!
~ Johnny Bepp

Johnny Bepp is one of the characters exclusively in the Aikatsu! anime series. He is also the teacher of Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran, and he teaches Mizuki dance.


Johnny is a dancing genius and Ichigo's and Aoi's homeroom teacher. He taught Mizuki Kanzaki how to dance. Starlight Academy's dance teacher and choreographer, he is quite lively, often believing life to be a 'showtime', and constantly uses English phrases. Johnny is often found discussing student affairs with headmistress Mitsuishi Orihime. After many hints in the series that he and Orihime knew each other from the heyday of Masquerade, it was revealed in Episode 46 that he was the head choreographer for the unit.


  • He gave Ichigo a rare Angely Sugar Aikatsu! Card, with really high points
  • He is based on Johnny Depp .
  • One of the scenes in which he enters the classroom makes him look like popular singer Michael Jackson posed.
  • He always calls Ichigo "Starmiya", which is based on her surname, Hoshimiya, Hoshi meaning "star" in Japanese.
  • In Episode 28, he calls Mizuki "Beautiful Moon", which is an English translation of her name.

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