John Bender is the criminal of the group and the main protagonist in the 1985 film, The Breakfast Club.

He is played by Judd Nelson who also voiced Rodimus Prime in The Transformers : The Movie.

He was sent to Saturday detention in the first place for pulling a false fire alarm and he is then given seven more detentions, first for asking Mr. Vernon if Barry Manilow knows that the former raids the latter's wardrobe, and the rest for talking back six times.

Bender is the leader of the group. Bender annoys everyone at first, especially Mr. Vernon. He has an alcoholic father who once burned a cigar on his arm for spilling paint in the garage. This has given him the message that violence is the solution to problems. At the end of the film he falls in love with Claire.

Bender is not really a good guy, but a good side is shown when, to keep the other students out of trouble, he distracts the principal and sends them back to the library.

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