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Full Name

James Isaac Neutron


Jimmy and Nerdtron


The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


Student and Scientist

Powers / Skills

Very superior intelligence


Inventing technological devices


To use his inventions for good and defeat all his evil rivals (succeeded)

Type of Hero

Child Prodigy, Doctors and Scientists, Tech-Users, Genuis

Brain blast!
~ Jimmy Neutron's catchphase
James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron is the main protagonist of the movie and tv series. He is the world's smartest 10-year-old. He is named after scientists Sir. James Isaac Newton, and James Chadwick who was nicknamed "Jimmy Neutron", because of his discovery of the neutron.

Jimmy is a genius inventor, but his inventions seem to cause more destruction than anything and it is usually up to him and his friends to stop them. He lives in Retroville with his robot dog, Goddard, who is named after Robert H. Goddard (a pioneer in modern rocketry) and his parents, Hugh, a bumbling car salesman and duck-lover, and Judy. He has an IQ of 210, making him the most intelligent resident of Retroville.

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