Jim Hawkins is the main protagonist of Muppet Treasure Island. Unlike the original, Jim doesn't even have a mother. His father, once a first mate, died when Jim was seven. He was raised in the Benbow Inn by a rough woman named Mrs. Bluveridge. His best friends are Gonzo the Great and Rizzo the Rat.

He was portrayed by Kevin Bishop, who had recorded his soprano singing voice before shooting, but whose singing voice had changed during shooting, so his pre-recorded vocals were used.

Jim is first shown in the Benbow Inn serving rum to Billy Bones. He, Gonzo and Rizzo are then told by their mistress, Mrs. Bluveridge, to clean up the inn... and she reminds them not to forget to put out the lantern like the night before or there will be no table scraps for a week. Jim, Gonzo and Rizzo put it out only for them to fall. Mrs. Bluveridge then reminds the boys to wash the dishes. Jim expresses his ambition as they do until Billy Bones demands more rum. Jim begins to do so until Mrs. Bluveridge tells him not to be doing that. One of Billy's mates, Blind Pew, enters to give him the black spot. When Jim tells him the bar's closed, he gets caught by the hair by Blind Pew himself, who mistakes him for a pretty little girl, and tells him to "take Blind Pew to Billy Bones, my pet". Jim denies there being any Billy Bones in here and tells him he (Jim) is not a girl. Jim later learns about the black spot from a horrified Billy Bones. Before Bones dies, he gives Jim his map and tells him to watch out for the "one-legged man" and running with scissors. After Bones dies, Jim enters Mrs. Bluveridge's room, and she allows him and Gonzo and Rizzo to escape while she fights with the pirates who had broken in, looking for Billy and the map. The boys then escape and run off (as Mrs. Bluveridge tells them to "run for it").

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